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February 10, 2006

Rivers of light

Theresa at The Wit of the Staircase points to a Quicktime video that glides silently over downtown at night, letting you watch the light patterns... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Romer wants out

LAUSD superintendent Roy Romer has told the school board that he wants to leave by September, nine months before his contract expires, the Jewish Journal... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Blogging in the biz

You know it's been a tough location shoot when you get stabbed in the forehead on set and the producers get in a brawl. Second... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Ministry of Unknown Science cancels

By all accounts they are funny and profane, but what the Ministry of Unknown Science comedy troupe lacked was permits. So they won't be staging... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Weekend media look-ahead

A sampling of what will be in print and on the air... West magazine: Cover story on the saga of a Stradivarius violin found beside... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

'Babe Ruth of p*rn'

Rodger Jacobs has a profile in Xbiz of Eric Edwards, said to have acted in adult films from the 1960s to the 1990s and recently... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

More Ambassador demolition

Staffers at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles—in the office building at 3424 Wilshire—just heard a loud crash outside. They ran to the window and saw... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Postscript: Chopper chick

When last we spoke of Desiree Horton, the former Channel 5 pilot who blogs at The Adventures of Chopper Chick!, she had requested that fans... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

First thing Friday, 2.10.06

An exclusive on the new boss at "California Connected," a $15 million payday for three LAPD cops, Rocky's legal memo to the police commission and... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Willie Campbell, Democratic mentor was 90

I had not heard of Willie Grace Campbell until Karen Wada profiled her in Los Angeles Magazine in 2004, writing that she "has changed American... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

February 09, 2006

America to Grammys: Click

Claude Brodesser at Fishbowl LA has the stats: Almost twice as many people watched "American Idol" (28.3 million) than saw the Grammy Awards (15.1 million)... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Munitz out at Getty *

East Coast blogger Tyler Green seems to have it first, with the email from Getty chairman John Biggs: To all Getty Staff: I wanted to... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

L.A. Angels it is

The baseball team in Orange County won the right to call itself the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. A jury voted 9-3 against Anaheim's claim... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Finger pointing aside, it sounds like President Bush's morning disclosure of more details about the four-year-old Al Qaeda plot to bomb Library Tower (he called... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Shrinking world

Chris Ayres, who interprets Los Angeles for the Brits back home as the correspondent here for the Times of London, now blogs about it on... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Who MWD did pick

The Breeze has a follow on the Metropolitan Water District not hiring Mayor Villaraigosa's preferred candidate, Richard Katz. The agency offered the top job to... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Caruso link *

Real Estate Journal has a free link to yesterday's WSJ story about developer Rick Caruso. * Also: I added the link I meant to include... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

What, another commission?

Mayor Villaraigosa has filled out the city's Board of Transportation Commissioners with the daughter of State Sen. Richard Alarcon, a former deputy to Nate Holden... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Rethinking a post

LAVoice has taken down a long anonymous entry accusing a Hollywood strip club of various crimes. Mack Reed explains why. He also notes his site's... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Bush gives new details on L.A. attack *

Updated below: Villaraigosa feels blindsided by Bush's remarks In a speech in Washington this morning, President Bush offered more evidence that an Al Qaeda... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

At least we agree on the date *

It was thiry-five years ago today that the bedrock buckled beneath the San Gabriel Mountains, unleashing what became the Sylmar earthquake. In all that time,... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Flashes of color in the sky

The tale of L.A.'s wild parrots gets an update from Emily Green in the Times, focusing on the large flock of the red-crowned variety that... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

First thing Thursday, 2.9.06 *

Jack Weiss steps in on the police commission ruling, more jail riots, the gang war rages in Watts, girls behind bars, more left-turn arrows—it's a... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

February 08, 2006

Nervous about SEIU probe

The LA Weekly website posted a (perhaps final?) Rob Greene story saying that the multi-agency investigation of SEIU Local 99's help for Martin Ludlow's City... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Marc Cooper to UFW: Aw shaddup

The LA Weekly editor has posted a defiant response to the United Farm Workers demand for a retraction of an earlier column he wrote lauding... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Perenchio declares victory

Los Angeles billionaire A. Jerrold Perenchio is apparently ready to put Univision Communications up for sale and cash out, the New York Times reports based... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

'Johnnie Cochran Drive'

City Council members Herb Wesson and Bernard Parks want to rename 17th Street (between Norton and Bronson avenues) for the late attorney. The Board of... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Wowed by Getty Villa, not by VF *

Tom Teicholz is impressed by the museum on PCH. Meanwhile, Tyler Green gets a look at the Getty piece in today's Vanity Fair and blogs:... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Fire day

Not much wind, but fire crews have already doused a small flare-up along the Reagan Freeway in Santa Susana Pass and are doing battle with... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Way back before Paris

John Stodder blogs about a time when Elliot Mintz flacked for John and Yoko, not Paris, and was one of the hip voices on the... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

New mag and website to launch

BiZBash covers the live events trade and will begin an L.A. version of the magazine later in the year. The website goes up Feb. 15,... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

NPR names a news head

Bill Marimow, the former editor of the Baltimore Sun and a protege of departed L.A. Times editor John Carroll, got the nod today as Vice... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Long Beach pol quits over story

City Councilman Dan Baker resigned dramatically in front of TV cameras during Tuesday's council meeting, blaming a press "witch hunt" about his business dealings. Before... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

First thing Wednesday, 2.8.06

Richard Katz reportedly doesn't get the MWD gig, friends of Cesar Chavez turn their legal guns on Marc Cooper, everybody it seems is investigating the... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Fashion police *

While the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim have proven they are the fast, tough, relentless local hockey team with young stars on the rise, the Los... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

February 07, 2006

In the magazines

Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue out Tuesday has more than Scarlett and Keira nude on the cover (though that's a pretty decent jump-start on newsstand sales.)... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Paris Hilton cracks the case, sorta

A guy named Darnell Riley was sentenced today to ten years in prison after pleading guilty to robbing "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis in... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

L.A. headline o' the day

Naked Man Killed While Walking on 710 Freeway This after he first tried to get out of the moving car he was riding in. The... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Mayor agrees with police commission

Mayor Villaraigosa voiced his support today for the commission's decision to no longer release names of LAPD officers involved in shootings. But he isn't too... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

First thing Tuesday, 2.7.06

Doug Dowie scores some points but not a knockdown, the police commission mums up, "Today" takes the Chino shooting story, a new Nina Zero review... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Late start

I'm otherwise occupied this morning. Back soon.... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

February 06, 2006

Afternoon observed

⇒'s Blair Golson contends that Times editor Dean Baquet would not meet with representatives of the United Farm Workers union to hear their challenges... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Can't we all just get along?

Dateline: Hollywood's spoof of the week headlines the news that "automobile fatalities in Los Angeles are up 85% in the past month as residents seeking... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Bloggy coincidence

I just came from a session where this year's Coro Foundation fellows interviewed me about blogs and the media. Asked to name my favorite L.A.... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Ed Sanders joins Westly

State Controller Steve Westly has hired Ed Sanders as his Director of Public Affairs in Southern California. Sanders used to be chief of staff for... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Rev. Chip Murray, producer

The Rev. Cecil Murray, who stepped down in 2004 as pastor at First AME Church, is co-producer on Color of the Cross, a new film... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Did Pellicano spy on Stallone, Weinraub and others?

The Smoking Gun has posted sixty pages of government allegations that private investigator Anthony Pellicano "illegally recorded Sylvester Stallone's telephone calls and accessed confidential law... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Camel in San Pedro *

This photograph that the owner says shows the Quartermaster's Depot at San Pedro circa 1863 recently sold on eBay for $4,569. Visible in the... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Wasserman helps out an ex-colleague

Former LAT book editor Steve Wasserman, now in New York as Managing Director at the compound-named agency Kneerim and Williams at Fish and Richardson, has... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Pressure on MWD

Mayor Villaraigosa is lobbying hard to install his campaign advisor and former Assembly colleague Richard Katz at the head of the Metropolitan Water District—and MWD... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

First thing Monday, 2.6.06

Eyewitness News goes hi-def, James Frey has a few words for the LAT, the Downtown News loses patience with Villaraigosa and a former mayor goes... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

February 05, 2006

Weekend shorts

⇒ Times columnist Gregory Rodriguez writes that the Democrats would have reached more Latino voters had Antonio Villaraigosa given the English-language State of the Union... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Wartzman on 'West'

Rick Wartzman's editor's note (labeled "From First and Spring") in Sunday's debut issue of West magazine fesses up to a strong belief in the Carey... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

Ulin on non-non-fiction

LAT book editor David Ulin responds to the James Frey controversy in Sunday's Book Review with an essay that argues the line is fuzzy between... $MTEntryExcerpt$>

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