Bryant Furnace Repair | Error Codes, Troubleshooting & More (2024)

By Furnace Prices | Updated February 21, 2024

Please note, the following Bryant Repair guide is for informational purposes only. Any servicing you attempt is at your own risk.

➤ A complete Bryant furnace repair guide, from how to replace your air filter, to troubleshooting and error codes, model numbers and more!

Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems have been manufacturing durable and reliable furnaces for over 100 years, and they’re known for their great warranties and their commitment to making highly energy-efficient furnaces. Today you’ll learn how to get the most from your Bryant furnace, including basic maintenance tasks and troubleshooting tips.

What's covered in this article?

Bryant Furnace Repair Guide

What’s Wrong With Your Bryant Furnace?

Remember to always turn your furnace completely off before opening it up to look around or attempt any fix.

Is your furnace...The problem might be your...What's wrong?How you can fix it:
Not heating?Circuit Breaker/FuseMost likely, either the electrical system providing your furnace’s power has shorted or the power switch has blown.Try resetting your furnace’s circuit breaker. If it has blown, you will need to replace it.
IgniterThe furnace’s igniter might either be cracked or faulty.Check the part for cracks, if it is then replace the igniter. If it isn’t cracked, use a multimeter to test for continuity.
Cycling irregularly?ThermostatYour thermostat might be adjusting incorrectly, causing the furnace to cycle on and off too often.If your thermostat has an adjustable calibration scale, adjust the heat anticipator. If this does not stabilize the unit, you may have to replace the thermostat.
Not blowing hot air?Blower MotorYour blower motor may have completely burnt out. If this doesn’t seem to be the case, then the connecting belt may have simply broken.Test to see if power is reaching the motor. If it does, but isn’t running, the motor has likely failed. If the motor runs but air doesn’t move, the connecting belt has probably broken. You’ll have to replace the belt.
Blowing too much air?Control BoardThe control board regulates the amount of voltage that reaches each functioning part. If the relay that controls the blower motor has failed, it will continually send voltage to the motor.Replace the control board.
ThermostatThe contact that controls the blower motor on your thermostat may be stuck closed, causing the blower motor to run continuously.Use a multimeter to check for continuity. If it appears the thermostat is the issue, replace it.
Leaking water?Drain Pipe
Starting and then stopping shortly after?Flame SensorYour furnace’s flame sensor monitors the burner, detecting whether a flame is present. If it is either defective or dirty, it will not be able to detect a flame.If dirty, clean the sensor using a fine abrasive pad. If faulty, replace the flame sensor.

Dirty air filters can negatively impact the air quality in your house and reduce the life expectancy of your furnace. For one thing, when your furnace air filter gets dirty, it will be less effective and allow more dirt and contaminants into the air. Dirty filters make the furnace less efficient while also making it work harder, and this can increase energy bills and maintenance and repair costs.

Luckily, you can help keep your furnace working optimally by replacing the filters monthly during the heating season. Here’s how:

How to Replace Your Air Filter

  1. Check your owner’s manual to find out the right type of replacement filter
  2. Slide open or remove the furnace’s access panel
  3. Locate the filter, which is typically near the cold air intake
  4. Slide out the old filter
  5. Position the new filter using the arrows and slide it into place
  6. Replace or close the access panel

Read more: How to Change a Dirty Furnace Filter – A Guide for Homeowners

Bryant Furnace Error Codes

Like many furnace manufacturers, Bryant uses flashing LED lights to indicate error codes that can give you an idea of what’s wrong with your furnace when it’s not functioning properly. The short flashes indicate the first digit of the two-digit code, and the long flashes indicate the second digit. Here’s are some common error codes:

Bryant Error CodeWhat this means
Error codes 12 and 44There's a fault with the blower calibration
Error Code 13Problem with the limit switch being tripped (furnace will auto reset after three hours)
Error Code 14Ignition problem (control will auto reset after three hours)
Error Code 23Problem with the blower airflow selection
Error Code 34The ignition process isn't working properly
Error Code 41The blower isn't operating at the right revolutions per minute
Error Code 43There's a fault with the pressure switch calibration
Error Code 45Lockout because of a problem with the control circuitry (furnace will auto reset after an hour)

When to call a professional to repair your Bryant furnace

While you can troubleshoot a number of issues on your own, you may want to contact a trained furnace technician should you be experiencing certain issues with your Bryant unit.

If after your troubleshooting your furnace still isn’t producing any heat, is leaking or dripping, or is making strange noises (gurgling, banging, whistling, etc.), there might be some broken internal components within your unit.In this case, you will want to contact a trained technician to service your Bryant furnace.

Also, if you notice that your furnace is continuously switching itself off and on, you may want to call a technician. This may be a sign that something is not circulating properly within your furnace, possibly tripping up the sensors.

Who Should You Call?

Knowing where to go for help with your furnace is important in winter because you don’t want to go long without heat in the middle of a cold snap. But with so many HVAC companies out there, it can be tough to know who to trust and who to hire. While online reviews can help point you in the right direction, they’re also biased and aren’t always accurate.

For that reason, we created an independent HVAC contractor certification program that can help you find the right repair company when you need it.

Bryant’s Warranty Coverage

When something does go wrong with your Bryant furnace, there’s a good chance it might be covered under warranty, especially if your furnace is only a few years old. As long as you register your furnace within 90 days of installation, your system will be covered by a 10-year standard parts limited warranty. Even unregistered furnaces are still covered for five years.

Bryant Furnace Model Numbers




  • 987MA42060V17
  • 987MA60060V21
  • 987MA42080V17
  • 987MA60080V21
  • 987MA66100V21
  • 987MA66120V24
  • 925SA30026E14
  • 925SA30040E14
  • 925SA36040E17
  • 925SA36060E14
  • 925SA42060E17
  • 925SA48080E17
  • 925SA60080E21
  • 925SA60100E21
  • 925SA66120E24
  • 986TA30040V14
  • 986TA42060V17
  • 986TA48080V17
  • 986TA60080V21
  • 986TA60100V21
  • 986TA66120V24




  • 912SA30040S14
  • 912SA30060S14
  • 912SA42060S17
  • 912SA48080S17
  • 912SA60080S21
  • 912SA42100S21
  • 912SA60100S21
  • 912SA60120S24
  • 926TA30040V14
  • 926TA36040V17
  • 926TA36060V14
  • 926TA42060V17
  • 926TA48080V17
  • 926TA60080V21
  • 926TA60100V21
  • 926TA66120V24
  • 915SA30040S14
  • 915SA30060S14
  • 915SA42060S17
  • 915SA48080S17
  • 915SA60080S21
  • 915SA42100S21
  • 915SA60100S21
  • 915SA60120S24
  • 915SA60140S24

Discontinued Bryant Furnace Models


Evolution Plus 90i


  • 925TA30040E14A
  • 925TA42060E17A
  • 925TA48080E17A
  • 925TA60080E21A
  • 925TA60100E21A
  • 925TA66120E24A
  • 355AAV042040
  • 355AAV042060
  • 355AAV042080
  • 355AAV060080
  • 355AAV060100
  • 355AAV060120
  • 355MAV042040
  • 355MAV042040-L
  • 355MAV042060
  • 355MAV042060-L
  • 355MAV042080
  • 355MAV042080-L
  • 355MAV060080
  • 355MAV060080-L
  • 355MAV060100
  • 355MAV060100-L
  • 355MAV060120
  • 355MAV060120-L
  • 340AAV024040
  • 340AAV024060
  • 340AAV036040
  • 340AAV036060
  • 340AAV036080
  • 340AAV048060
  • 340AAV048080
  • 340AAV048100
  • 340AAV060080
  • 340AAV060100
  • 340AAV060120
  • 340AAV060140

Legacy Plus 90

Evolution Plus 95S

Preferred Plus 90X

  • 350AAV024040
  • 350AAV024060
  • 350AAV036040
  • 350AAV036060
  • 350AAV036080
  • 350AAV048060
  • 350AAV048080
  • 350AAV048100
  • 350AAV060080
  • 350AAV060100
  • 350AAV060120
  • 350AAV060140
  • 350MAV024040
  • 350MAV024060
  • 350MAV036040
  • 350MAV036060
  • 350MAV036080
  • 350MAV048060
  • 350MAV048080
  • 350MAV048100
  • 350MAV060080
  • 350MAV060100
  • 350MAV060120
  • 350MAV060140
  • 355CAV042060
  • 355CAV042080
  • 355CAV060080
  • 355CAV060100
  • 355CAV060120
  • 355CAV060C080
  • 353AAV036040*
  • 353AAV036060*
  • 353AAV036080*
  • 353AAV048080*
  • 353AAV060100*
  • 353AAV060120*
  • 353BAV036060*
  • 353BAV036080*
  • 353BAV048080*
  • 353BAV060100*
  • 353BAV060120*


Preferred Plus 90t

Preferred Plus 95i

  • 340MAV024040
  • 340MAV024060
  • 340MAV036040
  • 340MAV036060
  • 340MAV036080
  • 340MAV048060
  • 340MAV048080
  • 340MAV048100
  • 340MAV060080
  • 340MAV060100
  • 340MAV060120
  • 340MAV060140
  • 352AAV036060
  • 352AAV036080
  • 352AAV048080
  • 352AAV048100
  • 352AAV060100
  • 352AAV060120
  • 352MAV036060
  • 352MAV036080
  • 352MAV048080
  • 352MAV048100
  • 352MAV060100
  • 352MAV060120
  • 355BAV042060
  • 355BAV042080
  • 355BAV060080
  • 355BAV060100
  • 355BAV060120
  • 359BAV036040
  • 359BAV036060
  • 359BAV060080
  • 359BAV060100

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Bryant Furnace Repair | Error Codes, Troubleshooting & More (2024)
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